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Carpet Dyeing Training

Here's What You Will Need for the Training

CDME Training Cost $595

-FREE basic membership to CarpetAlly (an online Carpet Directory)
-Carpet Samples of various colors - Color Wheel - Free Bleach Neutralizer - FREE Access to Web-Based DyeBold App - Membership to DyeBold Support group - Certificate of Completion​ - Access to Instructional Dyeing videos. Re-Take of Training at no additional cost. *2 for 1 (Spouses join free).

$250 Specialty Dye Kit 

for Nylon/Wool/Silk fibers & Polyester Carpet 

$250 Everything Else Dye Kit 

Polyester Carpets & Cotton Fibers 

$250 DyeBold App* (iOS/Android)

iOS Visit Apple Store / Android, download at

Dyebold Carpet Dyeing Training

Additional Materials Needed

*See pictures below

Is This Training For You? 

You are still are not sure how to dye carpets...even after having taken other carpet dyeing classes (too much theory... not enough hands on... confusing concept...)

You want to learn carpet dyeing, but you are not artistic or creative...

Or... You know some carpet dyeing, but are not confident and want to strengthen the foundation and deepen your knowledge (so you can venture into rug dyeing, side match correction, or full room dyeing)  

If you Said Yes to any of the above
Then This Training is For You! 

*The use of DyeBold dyes will give you, as a colorist, the advantage of being able to calculate and mix dye formulas more easily, due to the dyes being dry concentrate (consistent), easily dis-solvable and evenly balanced.  Plus one microscoop goes a VERY long way!

What You Will Learn

In this training, you will learn 
-Color Theory (Gray Scale, Carpet Construction, Fiber ID, Basic Chemistry, Types of Dyes)
-How to dye Polyester Carpets and various colors of Nylon Carpets (including multi color carpets) with the DyeBold Dyes* 

How much theory will be included?

 This training includes only the theory and concepts necessary to learn how to be a great colorist. No extra overly complicated theory. No fluff!
This will be presented as a series of videos with questions and answers to be done before the day of Training.  

How Much Hands On?

 How much hands on? All theory and concepts taught will be applied during the hands on part of the training. presented are intentionally included with the sole goal of teaching you Carpet Dyeing, to be applied throughout the training with lots of hands on practice. 

How is this Training Different?

The Carpet Dyeing Made Easy Training is taught following the DyeBold Framework™, a method strategically designed to teach carpet dyeing in a simple to understand and follow way, So you can learn carpet dyeing even if you don't consider yourself creative or artistic!

Additional Materials Needed (purchase separately)

Steamer, Electric Hot Pot (to heat up water), wet/dry vac, 3 spray bottles and cotton cloths

Carpet Dyeing Materials

What is VIP?

VIP is not required, but recommended for those of you looking extra guidance practice, to give you more confidence in dyeing carpets. 
We will get deeper into: - Making a one pot formula - Dyeing multi-color carpets - Airbrushing Carpets - Marketing & Pricing - Plus in the One on One, any topic you'd like to go deeper into. 
PLUS you will get a FREE Featured Membership to CarpetAlly, an online Carpet Directory!


"I was amazed how easy, intuitive, and efficient to use that these dyes are. They mix instantly, are less heat sensitive then other dyes and take faster. I dyed a kitchen towel blue in tepid water with sulfamic acid fixative added then washed it still wet with a load of new white cotton towels to see if the dye would bleed. Nope! All the other towels remained white, the blue dyed one kept its same intensity of blue."
"Dont hesitate to join this class. You will have a great knowledgeable and professional teacher to help you start your journey!" 

Paul Brown, Graduate of the Carpet Dyeing Made Easy Training

"Dont hesitate to join this class. You will have a great knowledgeable and professional teacher to help you start your journey!"
Phealon Suell, Graduate of the Carpet Dyeing Made Easy Training
"Issa is a top professional in her field, so I would expect that expertise."
Larry Cobb, Owner of Cobbs Carpets @

The simplicity of the DyeBold Framework is the Genius of it, and the Success of our Colorists. 

- Issa, The Rug Colorist

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I need to purchase the DyeBold App to take this class? 
A. No, it is not mandatory, but highly recommended,   
since the DyeBold app will be used during the training to demonstrate the process of carpet dyeing. This app was optimized to be used with the DyeBold Framework, and it is a great tool to show colors needed, and when to stop adding colors. The DyeBold App is a great resource, both a guide (to show you which colors you need) and a guardrail (shows you when to stop adding color) in the carpet dyeing process, particularly useful for new carpet colorists. For iOS visit the Apple Store. For Android visit

2. Do I need to pay for my spouse/partner to join?
No, your spouse/partner can attend the training at no additional cost. 

3. What is so special about the DyeBold Dyes?
*After years of Research and Development with a team of chemists, the DyeBold Dyes were formulated with the Professional Carpet Dyer in Mind. 
-Dry Concentrate Dye - Highly concentrated, to achieve the deep colors when needed
Colors evenly balanced in strength - to facilitate the process of creating precise color formula quickly
-Easily dis-solvable and inter-mixable - to create any color by mixing any combination 
-Leave no residue - Unlike some powdered dyes that are known to leave residue
After years of Research and Development with a team of chemists, the DyeBold Dyes were formulated with the Professional Carpet Dyer in Mind. 
3. What additional equipment will I need for the CDME training? 
You will need a steamer, spray bottles, cotton towels, wet/dry vac, hot pots (I recommend 3 hot pots for dye solutions, plus 1 for heating water as it saves time).

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