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May 10, 2021 – Issa Hoker, one of the most qualified carpet dyeing instructors, invents a state-of-the-art carpet dyeing machine, a range of highly concentrated economic carpet dyes, and a color calculation mobile app under the brand name – DyeBold within a year. For the past year, the talented educator has also been presenting the Carpet Dyeing Made Easy training program through the DyeBold Academy for students who aspire to build a name for themselves as qualified carpet dyeing and restoration technicians.​

Issa Hoker, renowned as ‘The Rug Colorist’ in the industry, is an inventor, a veteran in carpet restoration, and one of the top instructors in the field. In 2015 young Issa moved to California to start her own carpet cleaning business. Within a month since the company launch, she came across multiple bleached carpets that nobody knew how to restore. Not willing to give up, Issa continued to research online for methods to restore carpets damaged due to excessive bleaching. During her research she discovered and fell in love with the exquisite ‘art’ of carpet dyeing, which was also the perfect solution to her problem. Since the beginning, Issa has been passionate and determined to learn the proper techniques of carpet dyeing. As a result, she managed to train under every instructor in the field, which transformed her into an exceptionally talented carpet dyer. The wealth of knowledge she gained through training, and six years working as a carpet dyer on numerous Persian and Oriental rug restorations in luxury hotels and apartments, including the US Institute of Peace in DC, led to the development of the DyeBold carpet dyeing framework. This framework is used extensively in the Carpet Dyeing Made Easy training program. The 2-day online training conducted over zoom offers a holistic approach to the rug restoration and dyeing process. The practical component of the training covers 98% of the course content.

The DyeBold carpet dyeing machine is tuned for optimal heating and dye delivery; a dyer could reap the maximum benefit from the machine when coupled with cost-effective and durable DyeBold dyes and the DyeBold mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The dye range is produced under two successful product lines and is even capable of dyeing polyester carpets. V2.0 of the exclusive DyeBold color calculation app was released to the market to offer its users more value for money.

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What Our Students Have to Say

DyeBold is simply amazing. From their professionalism, knowledge, quality, and personable customer service to their knowledge transfer and training to broaden current professional’s knowledge and take new professionals’ expertise to the next level. Our market was in desperate need of your products and services. Thank you DyeBold Team for always going that ‘extra mile’ to achieve excellence all around!
Tatiana Hench
From USA
Issa is very knowledgeable and informative. She goes out of her way to get you to understanding. No question is to big or to small.
Randy Pierce
From USA
I took Issa's two-day Carpet Dyeing Made Easy training. From the very beginning, she was extremely responsive & helpful in answering my many questions. I started with a limited background in color theory, the color wheel & mixing dye formulas. Issa's course was a perfect blend of basic, key instruction to advanced, detailed instruction. It is clear that she has a thorough knowledge and a depth of experience of her trade. She is determined to revolutionize the spot dyeing industry through training and technology, which she has already been successful at! The products and dyes she has created are top-notch. Thank you, Issa, for your passion and generosity during your class. Your encouragement will help me continue to practice what I learned. I highly recommend issa's DyeBold Academy's training courses!
Audrey Falls
From USA
I can not Exspess how valuable the training I got attending the DyeBold Academy.Issa the instructor has really developed a teaching style that gives not only technical but very hands on problem solving skills . Also and very important how to mix dyes to develop the color needed to do dye jobs . The knowledgeable and expertise she has along with passion to give back and help others continue to succeed in building the skills after the class is over is just amazing. I would highly recommend to everyone who wants to learn how to dye or even if you have taken another corse previously you will gain maximum benefit at the DyeBold Academy.
Steve Alleva
From USA
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