Learn Carpet Dyeing the Easy Way!

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Learn Carpet & Rug Dyeing at a fraction of the time, with No More Guessing!

Easy to Understand, Simple to Follow, with step by step process 

With Dyebold App and Dyes


Carpet Dyeing 

Level 1 - Carpet Dyeing Made Easy- Nylon

Level 1 - Carpet Dyeing Made Easy - Polyester

Level 2 Carpet Dyeing Made Easy - Airbrushing

Rug Dyeing 

Level 1 Rug Dyeing Made Easy - Wool/Nylon Rugs

 Level 1 

This is a foundational Carpet Dyeing Training for you if you are: 


A newbie colorist (you have never taken a carpet dyeing training before)

Graduate from other carpet dyeing courses (but have not yet actually learned how to dye carpets)

Or if you would like to strengthen your carpet dyeing foundation,


This Level 1 foundational course will teach you how to spot dye the typical carpets found in most homes today. Select Level 1 Nylon and Level 1 Polyester.

You will Learn
-Color Theory (Gray Scale, Carpet Construction, Fiber ID, Basic Chemistry, Types of Dyes)
-How to spot dye Carpets with the appropriate DyeBold Dyes*


Level 1 Nylon Carpet Dyeing Made Easy - Click  here to register.


Level 1 Polyester Carpet Dyeing Made Easy - Click here to register here 

Level 2: This is an advanced training (Pre-req: Level 1Nylon and Level 1 Polyester Training).


In this training we will cover how to mix a one shot pot (mixing needed colors together in one formula), airbrushing wool carpet, using color theory to overcome a stain, custom color creation, multi-color carpet dyeing and rug dyeing techniques! We also covered Rug overdyeing, full room dyeing, market positioning and pricing!  

You will learn:
Making a one pot formula
Airbrushing Carpets
Dyeing multi-color carpets
Marketing & Pricing


Level 2: Advanced training (Pre-req: Level 1Nylon and Level 1 Polyester Training).

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Training Cost includes: Sample dye kit, carpet samples, Access to Dyebold Web app, Access to Level 2 Private Group.

"Excellent training and well worth the time and investment. I took the 2 day in person class. Plenty of hands on and practical information. Issa explains everything in a way that is understandable and obviously has a passion for what she does. I definitely recommend attending if you want to learn carpet dyeing." -George Wills, CDME Graduate (First Carpet Dyeing Class)

"I’ve taken six other color classes in the last couple decades, and thought I knew the craft pretty well. I learned more about dyeing oriental rugs in such a short time! More than I thought possible. I now understand color theory so much better, as well as how to use the color wheel more effectively, and in which order dyes need to be replaced, and more! Best of all, Issa and her knowledgeable team kept it simple AND fun. Thanks for the learning opportunity, DyeBold Academy!!!" 

-Nathan Koets, Attended the Rug Dyeing Made Easy Training at Jacksonville, FL.