Carpet Dyeing Made Easy Training

Learn Carpet & Rug Dyeing at a fraction of the time, with No More Guessing!

Dyebold Training

Learn Carpet Dyeing at a fraction of the time, with No more guessing! So that you can Enter this Profitable Elite Market and Make more money!

With the DyeBold framework: A hands on training with proprietary dry concentrate dyes and dye calibrated app, that eliminates guesswork and makes the dye process faster! 

Ready to learn? 

Learn Nylon & Polyester carpet dyeing the easy way! Using the Dyebold framework, which eliminates guessing, saves you time and makes you money! 

A workshop that gives you access to almost 10 years of experience and mistakes, to where you can learn in a short period of time what took me years! Ami 

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ISSA HOKER — Founder & CEO.
#1 – You want to learn how to dye carpet with a program that is simple, proven, and easy to follow (yes you can learn, even if you are not artistic, or creative!)

#2 – You’ve taken other carpet dyeing trainings and still don’t know how to dye (too much theory… not enough hands on… confusing concept…)


#3 – You know some carpet dyeing, but are not confident and want to strengthen the foundation and deepen your knowledge (so you can venture into rug dyeing, side match correction, or full room dyeing)
-The Carpet Dyeing Made Easy Training is taught following the DyeBold Framework™, a method strategically designed to teach carpet dyeing in a simple to understand and follow way, So you can learn carpet dyeing even if you don’t consider yourself creative or artistic!

-To make better use of the class time, students will have the opportunity to learn the basic theory via video prior to the training

-Then in the training, all theory will be reviewed and each concept applied to our hands on practice.

A. No, it is not mandatory, but highly recommended,
since the DyeBold app will be used during the training to demonstrate the process of carpet dyeing. This app was optimized to be used with the DyeBold Framework, and it is a great tool to show colors needed, and when to stop adding colors. The DyeBold App is a great resource, both a guide (to show you which colors you need) and a guardrail (shows you when to stop adding color) in the carpet dyeing process, particularly useful for new carpet colorists. For iOS visit the Apple Store. For Android visit

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What Our Students Have to Say

DyeBold is simply amazing. From their professionalism, knowledge, quality, and personable customer service to their knowledge transfer and training to broaden current professional’s knowledge and take new professionals’ expertise to the next level. Our market was in desperate need of your products and services. Thank you DyeBold Team for always going that ‘extra mile’ to achieve excellence all around!
Tatiana Hench
From USA
Issa is very knowledgeable and informative. She goes out of her way to get you to understanding. No question is to big or to small.
Randy Pierce
From USA
I took Issa's two-day Carpet Dyeing Made Easy training. From the very beginning, she was extremely responsive & helpful in answering my many questions. I started with a limited background in color theory, the color wheel & mixing dye formulas. Issa's course was a perfect blend of basic, key instruction to advanced, detailed instruction. It is clear that she has a thorough knowledge and a depth of experience of her trade. She is determined to revolutionize the spot dyeing industry through training and technology, which she has already been successful at! The products and dyes she has created are top-notch. Thank you, Issa, for your passion and generosity during your class. Your encouragement will help me continue to practice what I learned. I highly recommend issa's DyeBold Academy's training courses!
Audrey Falls
From USA
I can not Exspess how valuable the training I got attending the DyeBold Academy.Issa the instructor has really developed a teaching style that gives not only technical but very hands on problem solving skills . Also and very important how to mix dyes to develop the color needed to do dye jobs . The knowledgeable and expertise she has along with passion to give back and help others continue to succeed in building the skills after the class is over is just amazing. I would highly recommend to everyone who wants to learn how to dye or even if you have taken another corse previously you will gain maximum benefit at the DyeBold Academy.
Steve Alleva
From USA
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